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Georgia is the Hollywood of the South and home to many studios. An attractive tax-incentive program has made it one of the top film production locations in the world. Anyone who has a state income tax liability in Georgia can purchase and use these tax credits. This includes individuals, corporations, trusts, partnerships, and LLCs.

Why Sugar Creek?

  • We are based in Georgia and provide unmatched guidance and on-the-ground support at every stage of the process. Clients benefit from our specialized expertise and knowledge of current legislation.

  • Our connections maximize the value of the state tax credit for film producers and investors.

  • With an impeccable track record of success, Sugar Creek executives have overseen hundreds of millions of dollars of film and entertainment state tax credit.

  • For Production Companies

    Receive up to 30 percent of their production and post-production expenditures through transferable tax credits available in the state of Georgia.

  • For Investors

    By purchasing these state tax credits, you can help bring jobs and economic development to communities.

That's a Wrap!

These hit productions choose Georgia:

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And thousands more! Learn more about filming in Georgia.


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