Renewable Energy


Sugar Creek specializes in tax equity investments and transferable tax credits in the solar, wind, and battery storage sectors.  These projects are eligible for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) or Production Tax Credit (PTC).  The renewable energy sector is experiencing rapid growth due to legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act, with an ever increasing need for investors who can monetize the ITCs and PTCs generated by projects. 

How It Works

  • Sugar Creek sources high quality projects from leading developers with which it has long standing relationships.

  • Sugar Creek structures and underwrites the transaction, ensuring a smooth diligence and funding process for the investor.

  • An in-house asset management team ensures that all of Sugar Creek’s investments generate high performance and returns.

  • Investors claim the ITCs or PTCs associated with a transaction, along with other economic benefits such as project cash flow.

Investment Options

There are two options for investing in renewable energy projects through Sugar Creek.  The first is through a tax equity partnership, where the investor invests in a specific project or portfolio of projects and receives tax benefits and cash flow.  The second option is to purchase ITCs or PTCs from a specific project. We are passionate about finding the right investment opportunity for you and making you part of an industry-leading team.

Why Invest in Renewables

An investment in a renewables project with Sugar Creek will not only earn an attractive economic return, it will also produce positive impact for local communities by reducing carbon emissions, generating clean electricity, producing new jobs, and by stimulating economic growth.

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