Our approach is effective, proven, and respected throughout the industry. Here’s why it works.

  • Relationships

    Our long-standing partnerships with investors, banks, developers, and communities form the foundation of our work. We work with good people who will follow through (and trust us to do the same).

  • Financial Strength

    Because our team includes experienced tax experts with CPA, JD, and tax LLM credentials, we understand how to maximize the value of state and federal tax credits for corporate and individual purchasers.

  • Passion

    The entire Sugar Creek team cares deeply about helping people and communities. That’s why they work here. It’s as simple as that.

  • Discipline

    Our in-house legal department and underwriting committee analyze all potential investments before we move forward. Investment oversight is performed by Sugar Creek professionals who are responsible for inspecting projects and ensuring investments perform as promised. We conduct ongoing asset management reviews on the performance of our investments.

  • Confidence

    We are not afraid to take on risk to ensure our clients receive the greatest financial benefit. We have the resources and willingness to provide a necessary financial bridge for projects that are experiencing unforeseen financial challenges. Our team is uniquely skilled in transforming troubled projects into well-managed, lucrative assets.

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